Support my work

Ask for your parents' permission before continuing :)

Thank you for visiting my page. This is the one-stop for all the services I provide and/or manage and it is where I will post any updates in regard to those services.

I will come to the point: I love doing what I do but bills aren't paid with love. I currently cover the expenses with my own money and I could probably cover them for the foreseeable future, but this doesn't include unforeseen events which could impact service availaibility or continuity.

And there is where you can make a difference. By donating (whether it is one-off or recurring) you can help me to have a financial cushion to cover these expenses.

My current expenses include:

Domains 70€/year
Servers 45€/month
Other expenses 15€/year

Adding it up, it translates to a little bit more than 50€ a month, or 15€ a week. That is the objective that I've set in my Liberapay profile.

I am not going to make this any longer: if you like my work and you are able to support me financially, please consider becoming a patron on my Liberapay.

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