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Name Email Comment Country Date
Topotamadreholocaustisaprank[at)gmail.comNice web, but can you add some swastikas to load faster.Third Reich2021-04-08 16:45:26
jmi2ksoy.jmi2k[at)gmail.comNice page, first time using Jitsi has been here. I love lainsafe, I made my own filesharing service but it doesn't have badass lain hahaE S P A Ñ I T A2020-10-06 22:54:44
<marquee>install gentoo</marguee>qorg[at)<marquee>install gentoo</marguee><marquee>install gentoo</marguee>2020-08-26 12:45:18
TyroneNot providedCute!Liberia2020-08-08 18:57:57
Francisco Carlos Beltran Arsenefco.carlos_ars[at)hotmail.comEl Carlos de las pizzas no el de ProsodieESPAÑA 🇪🇸 2020-03-31 02:55:57
LidiaRock1lidiarock1[at)cumallover.meSemenUpGusana2020-03-31 02:40:32
Pòswegposweg[at)protonmail.comTot I que has decidit gastar bootstrap, la pàgina es veu prou bé, congrats. Delegao el millorRepública Independent del Pais Valencià2020-03-31 02:30:20
qorg11qorg[at)vxempire.xyzAlso visit!Spain2020-03-30 19:54:19
João Not providedHi, the website looks really nice! Portugal2020-03-30 19:51:30
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