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Rubén M.

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Climate activist. Archivist. Against censorship. Student.

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Hello! I am Rubén

Nice to meet you, huh

Howdy stranger and welcome to my page! I am a student from Spain who loves everything that it's related to technology. And this spectrum is huge: I love being a sysadmin, I find both cryptography and cybersecurity as some interesting areas to explore and I spend part of my free time playing videogames.

You will rarely find me programming because it's not something I am into. (Well, that varies between seasons) But if you actually do, I must say that it will always be free, libre and open source software. This is the software that keeps the world running and, you know, sharing is caring. 💖

Something you're more likely to see me doing is taking apart things: I always get an urge to see what's hiding inside. :-)

Related to that, I own several original iPods and I mod them by replacing their hard disks or batteries. I find amusing that these "tiny" devices had hard drives inside them. My current daily driver is an iPod Video 80GB (aka 5.5th gen). It plays Shrek.

I am not very "social" when it comes to social networks. I have an account in most of them (namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) but I don't use them at all. The only one that I actively use is Mastodon. If you want to follow me (and trust me, you don't) you will have to find me. It is not that difficult.

This website was created in a rush of creativity back in 26th March 2020, and I am impressed with the result. Oh, and I must thank to everyone who served me of inspiration while I was creating this website:

And I think that's all I had to say for now. Congrats if you made it up to here. Oh, and I love IPv6.

Today I feel like having some Ravioli.