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New services

rubenmdh    2020-04-02 21:28:33 (updated on 2020-04-20 17:21:07)


A new service is now available at As you may have already deduced from the name, it is a video conferencing system powered by Jitsi Meet; a free, libre and open source conferencing software. This poses an alternative to commercial (and closed source) solutions such as Zoom and reduces the load on the official Jitsi Meet instance.

Update 2020-04-20: Another version of the safe is available at Files are stored permanently and it is currently using CloudFlare as it is hosted in a IPv6-only server. You can find the source code and the command line client here. Developed by qorg11.


Testers and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


In the same regard, I am open to offer more services under the domain.

The list of possible services that might come in the future is as follows:

- Nitter (a JS-less alternative front-end for Twitter)

- Bibliogram (alternative front-end for Instagram)

- Invidious (alternative front-end for YouTube)

- MetaStream/OpenTogetherTube (Watch2gether alternative)

Of course, this list is open to your suggestions that you can forward to me by email.

Oh, and the "Older posts" button works now. It was left uncoded until now, which shows a list of older posts and a short preview of them. Tags and/or categories are yet to be added.


As always, best regards.



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